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Cymbidium nanulum PDF พิมพ์

C. nanulum is a member of Section Jensoa. It is a small terrestrial species with a 2-3 leaves, 10-30 cm long. There are 3-5 flowers on its upright inflorescence. Flower spread is 2.5-3.2 cm across, with light fragrance. Petals and sepals are yellowish green in colour with contrasting reddish-purplish stripes/veins, thus making the whole flower pinkish-red in appearance.

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Cymbidium Olivia Ying Mark PDF พิมพ์

Cymbidium Olivia Ying Mark is a primary hybrid between C. ensifolium and C. madidum. This is a remake from our hybridizing programme by using C. ensifolium from the lower NE Thailand and C. madidum from northern Australia.

Olivia Ying Mark is surprisingly compact with nice bulging psuedobulb. Flowers are sweetly fragrant. In addtion, the lasting quality of the bloom significantly improves, with high heat tolerance. It will be a cornerstone for developing Heat Tolerant Cymbidium.


Cymbidium Little Black Sambo 'Black Magic'

Cymbidium Little Black Sambo 'Black Magic' is a stunning primary cross between two Australian species, C. canaliculatum 'Sparksii' and C. madidum. Both of tropical species are from the northern part of Australia. This assures the high heat tolerance in this hybrid.

The flower colour is dark crimson, almost black with a natural spread of 2-2.5 cm. The strong attractive fragrance is impressive.

Because one parent of LBS is C. canaliculatum 'Sparksii' which occurs in the semi-arid area, LBS needs to grow in a very well-drained medium in a basket. Lesser watering after the rainy season is a key to bloom this unique hybrid.

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